Bordeaux Cité Tango Festival 7

Bordeaux Cité Tango Festival presents its 7th edition from the 7th to the 12th of May 2019! The city will welcome you again with the sound of tango!

Like a link betwen Bordeaux and Buenos Aires... This festival was designed as a space-time of discoveries, parties and exchanges. We will offer you a wide range of activities in which music, dancing, singing, paintings and litterature will all be included.

Tangueras, tangueros, we are always expecting you in greater numbers in order to share this amazing party and our passion together: tango!





Buenos Aires



Buenos Aires



Fuentes Fernandes -




Bunenos Aires

Di Cocco

Buenos Aires


Tibor Milibak -



Although we often associate Argentina with tango, we forget that it is the music of a city, that of Buenos Aires, though a great musical richness can be heard from north to south of this vast country, thanks to its folklore.
« Argentinisimo! » Invites 15 artists on stage to explore Argentine music, songs and dances. A diverse repertoire, this show carries all the magic of tradition and the originality of more contemporary styles.
A great presentation of strength and Latin sensuality!

Tango Spleen Orchestra / Sandra Rumolino (vocals) / dancers : Pablo Inza & Sofia Saborido, Carolina Giannini & Leonel Di Cocco, Jorge Rodriguez & Cécile Brus, Rocco Sedano & Sabrina Llanos Tarragona / Sound : Luc Padiou.



Tango Spleen

Tango Spleen is one of the orchestras currently at the top of the Tango music scene. Founded in 2008 in Italy by the Argentinian singer and songwriter Mariano Speranza, Tango Spleen is a reference as much by his interpretations and arrangements of classical tangos, as well as by his own compositions. We welcomed the group 7 years ago during our first edition and it is with great pleasure that we have them again this year in two of our milongas and shows at Rocher de Palmer.

Mariano Speranza, song, piano and musical direction. Francesco Bruno, bandoneón Andrea Marras, violin Elena Luppi, alto Daniele Bonacini, contrabass Anna Palumbo, percussions