Unless specific notice, subscribtion must be done in couple. The organisation is not responsible if you don't find a partner.
Workshops are limited to 15 couples. Don’t wait to register.
Please arrive 5min before the indicated time.
The access to the room, is only possible to people having confirmed their registration.
Workshops in 2 parts must be booked together.
Workshops location: Espace Saint-Rémi


Pablo Inza & Sofia Saborido

A1: FRIDAY 11H00-12H30
Rounds (Giros) and rebounds.
Discover the circular universe of the tango through the rounds (Giros)
Improvers and Advanced

A2: FRIDAY 12H45-14H15
Milonga lisa and traspie. Get the rhythm and practice nice ideas for the dance floor.
Improvers and Advanced

A3: SATURDAY 15H15-16H45
Different types of the Boleos.
A bit of technics to lead and to follow the Boleo. Fluid or broken, slow or fast, high or low, guided or not.

A4: SATURDAY 17H00-18H30
Breaks and embellishments.
Improve your dance by refining the dialogue within the couple, using brakes and decorations. Create a space for style and musicality.
Improvers and Advanced

Carolina Giannini & Leonel Di Cocco

B1: FRIDAY 15H15-16H45
Different dynamics of dance in a simple sequence
Preparation of the body to point and make different dynamics.
Dance with these dynamics to differentiate the dance in different orchestras.

Improvers and Advanced

B2: FRIDAY 17H00-18H30
Enrosques and rounds.
Create enrosques while improvising. Recognize which are the best musical moments to use it.
Improvers and Advanced

B3: SATURDAY 11H00-12H30
Work on different types of sacadas, understand them and improve them in a simple and fluid way.
Improvers and Advanced

B4: SATURDAY 12H45-14H15
Improvers and Advanced

Carolina Giannini
Rocco Sedano & Sabrina Llanos Tarragona

D1: THURSDAY 11H00-12H30
Technical workshop for women.
Body awareness: pivot, free leg, abrazo, rounds and boleos. Decorations with different dynamics.
Carolina Giannini

E2: WEDNESDAY 17H00-18H30
Chacarera !
Figures and choreography.
Rocco Sedano & Sabrina Llanos Tarragona

Gabriel Sodini

E3: THURSDAY 14H30-17H30
Workshop DJ
1/2 History of the typical orchestras, the beginning of "musicalizadores" (DJ), social cultural context of the musicians and orchestra leaders from that time.

2/2 Fundamentals for a good "musical feeling" during milongas, festivals and marathons. How to create its "tandas" and differentiation in the milonga.